Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fixing Dryers....

Yesterday I came home to find that my dryer was broken and of course I had a pile of laundry to do. So like any red blooded American male I went to the appliance store and bought a new belt for my dryer because I was going to fix it myself. I knew what the problem was and I figured it cant be that hard to do, I am going to fix it.

After a few choice words for my dryer and of course a little help from my wife Jackie, I had replaced the belt that turns the barrel of the dryer and was ready to put it back together and then get to drying my clothes. As I was putting the dryer back together I noticed that a small switch had come loose so I tried to put it back on the dryer, well sure enough I thought that I had put it all back together perfectly, but I had not. A small piece that makes the connection to tell the dryer that you have closed the door and all is well for your dryer to continue his job had fallen off of the switch. Needless to say because that small piece had fallen off the entire dryer would not work, and thus I had a few more choice words for my dryer....

I reflected on what had just happened, and how I was defeated by a small piece of copper DRYER-1 Tyler-0. I thought about how even though I had fixed the original big problem of replacing the belt that does the job of moving the barrel around, because I did not put the small little switch on properly it would not work.

I learned that I needed to be aware of every part of what I was doing, and that by not fully completing EVERYTHING that needed to be done I would not be able to accomplish my goal of having dry clothes. Because even neglecting the smallest part of something can lead to you not accomplishing your task at hand. For me it was a piece of copper no bigger than a paper clip, what small thing might you be neglecting that is keeping you from accomplishing your goals?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So this will be the first BLOG!! I am excited about the coming year and what new challenges and experiences this year will bring. I woke up this morning with a enormous feeling of excitement, because I knew that this would be the best year of my life so far. I have just gotten married 16 days ago to a beautiful woman who is truly my partner in life and love. I have an amazing job that I am proud to say has become my calling, and I cant wait to see what this year has to bring.

I know another group of people who are starting to get excited.... High School students! I always tell students (especially seniors) that if you get involved and meet challenges and accomplishing your goals with excitement, that is when every year of your life becomes the best year of your life so far.

People meet the new year with excitement, because they have the opportunity to do things differently from last year. Everyone is undefeated before a season begins!! Educators take this time to charge up your batteries for the coming school year. How will you accomplish your goals as an educator, your schools goals, and your counties goals? Maybe your goal as an educator is to connect with your students more, maybe your goal as a school is to get grad rates up, and maybe your goal as a county is to help balance the budget.

Students, how will you meet your goals? Are your goals in line with permanent professional success or are they grounded in a short term, small impact, immediate satisfaction? Whatever your goals are write them down and make a plan to accomplish them. I guy a lot smarter than me once said,"Plan your work, and then work your plan"

This will be the greatest year of my life so far, and I hope that this blog can help inspire you, give you ideas, and keep you always working your plan. Thanks for everything you do daily to help accomplish, what should be every ones goal for life and that is to make this world a better place. Thanks for all you do and I will see you soon.