Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alex Nelson's Luau

Today at 2:00 funeral services for Alex Nelson. Mr Nelson was the principal at Union County High School and he passed away Thursday night at the age of 46. I was in attendance for his funeral, dressed in a very what I thought was funeral appropriate black suit. I was very surprised that when I pulled into my parking space I noticed people dressed in Hawaiian shirts.....I thought wow that is odd.... then when I saw a young lady sporting a flower lay I knew that something was going to be a little different about this funeral.

In Alex Nelson's will he had actually decreed that he wanted everyone to wear Hawaiian shirts and have his funeral be a celebration of his life and not a time of grieving. Truly it was a celebration of a man of God, a great educator, and a very passionate fisherman. Alex's friends and family got up and told fishing story after fishing story about Mr. Nelson's determination. Many times during the service the analogy between being a Fisherman and a fisherman of men came up.

I did not know Alex Nelson very well, but today's events moved and motivated me enough to start this blog running again. Its funny how life is full of surprises, I went to a funeral today to pay my respects to a man who dedicated his life to God and education, and he taught one last lesson to me.

Lately I have struggled with keeping my vision and my focus on helping others. Hearing about Mr. Nelson's life, and his dedications today, helped me re find that focus. I pull inspiration from many things, and surprisingly on a rainy Sunday in the sunshine state, I found inspiration at a funeral for a fisherman, disguised as a luau.